World's Smallest, Lightest, Compound bow at full draw
US Patent No. 6,371,098
Liberty Archery
120 Saratoga Ave #82
Santa Clara  CA  95051
Shoot for 20 days before you decide to buy.  
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AI Cover featuring Liberty Archery Compound bow and President Howard Winther
BowHunt America bronse award for Liberty Archery's  Liberty I compound bow
Survivalist Bow
LIGHT WEIGHT:       2.5 lbs loaded with sight and arrow rest.  That is less than some traditional bows.
   Dave Barnsdale who won Vegas two times, shot a perfect 300 (NAFF) with a Liberty I.
  Shoots 330 fps with allowed 4 gr/in arrows.
 From top to bottom less than 2 feet  Axle to axle 20.5"
FULL DRAW HOLDING ONLY 9 lbs:   At full draw for a 65 lb bow you are only holding 9 lbs, thats 85% let-off.