I have been a magazine writer for more than 20
years and I have a wall of bows that manufacturers
have sent out (free) for years.
Every hunter that
has picked up my Liberty bow and shot it, saw
an instant improvement on their arrow group
size.  Always smaller!
  I would recommend the
Liberty One bow over anything else on the market.  
Period!  Very fast shooting, quiet (very),
comfortable- no hand shock shooting.  Nice flat
arrow flight and tight groups.  Get past the obvious
shock of how tiny the bow looks, and it is certainly
the heart of a killing beast.  Need any further
recommendation than that?  Here it is--- an Outdoor
Writer spent money out of his own pocket to buy
one----whoooooooaaaa- now that is shocking.
Frank Medicine Wolf Springer (Outdoor Writer)
World's Smallest, Lightest, Compound bow at full draw
Worlds smallest bow
US Patent No. 6,371,098
FAST - IBO 308, 338* fps (Note: light arrows)
FULL DRAW Holding is 9 lbs@ 65 lb bow (85% Let-Off)
ACCURATE - See Las Vegas winner Quote.
CUSTOMIZED to individual, 234 combinations
SMALLEST Compound Bow in the World
WEIGHT 2.3 lbs, 2.5 lbs loaded, Axle to axle 20.5"
No  Hand Shock or Kick
Liberty Archery
120 Saratoga Ave #82
Santa Clara  CA  95051
(408) 983-1127
* Using 4 gr/lb arrows allowed under warranty.
Shoot for 20 days before you decide to buy.  
OrderForm or Call: (408) 983-1127
AI Cover featuring Liberty Archery Compound bow and President Howard Winther
Dave Barnsdale,  Winner of 2005
Vegas Tournament, " I shot a perfect
300 NAFF round (on Liberty I bow)”,  
“will be hunting this fall with a Liberty”
Ready to shoot
package deal is $896.
Includes all  accessories,
case, bow tool & 20 day
Bow only, is  $758
Howard Winther
Africa's Bowhunter review of Liberty Archery Worlds smallest compound bow
Closeup Riser Worlds Smallest Bow
Dear Howard, After adjusting the peep I
start now to comprehend what an
incredible machine this bow is!  I never
had a bow in my life or any archery training
but after shooting 40 odd arrows over 2
days with the bow as it comes out of the
box, some arrows hit almost the same
hole on 15 meters.  Claus-Peter
It is absolutely Beautiful!
I get many comments that say my website
does not do justice to the beauty of the bow.
BowHunt America bronse award for Liberty Archery's  Liberty I compound bow
Liberty I
again.  We
took the
Ask for a ACTUAL SIZE picture of of the bow.  Email your address.
Bow is available
without the quiver
mount for those
like myself who
prefer a back
quiver and a
lighter bow.
Ultimate Survivalist Bow
NEW!  I have collected comments
and pictures over the years.  File
below is 29 MB and takes 3
minutes to download.  The pictures
are large and the sender has the
comments underneaath.  It is 25
pages, it is very interesting if you
have the time.