RISER - A357-T6 aluminum riser (same material used for jet
impeller blades)
BOW LENGTH - 20.5" axle to-axle*
BOW WEIGHT - 2.3 pounds, 2.52-lbs fully loaded (sight &
World's Lightest.
DRAW LENGTHS - 25 1/2, 26 3/8, 26 7/8, 27 3/8, 28.0", 28
7/16", 28 3/4", 29 3/8", 30", 30 1/2", 31.0", 31 1/2", 32 "
(Left hand bows are available Add $20.00)
Draw Length
 Not adjustable.
No modules, all unique cams, cables, and string, per
draw length. Unique cams means short or tall people get
maximum possible performance.
With Liberty
Arrows 338 fps
DRAW WEIGHTS - 30-40#, 35-45#, 40-50#, 45-55#, 50-60#,
55-65#, 60-70#, 65-75#,70-80# (order by peak weight) Draw
is adjustable 10 lbs down from peak weight
STABILIZER MOUNT -  Stabilizer not needed, in fact
detrimental because of added weight. Stabilizer mount is for
fishing attachments.
PEEP SIGHT - String angle requires special Liberty peeps.
SIGHTS - Special sights for the bow eliminate 3.5" extension
bar and two heavy mounting brackets. Regular sights will
work.  Sight lights work.
CAM - High speed, high let-off, 4 split cable design. Will
never-go out of sync due to the non-stretch steel cables.
LET-OFF- 85%,  Stiction helps reduce holding lbs.
HOLDING WEIGHT - 9 lbs for 65 lb bow equals 85% let-off.
BRACE HEIGHT - 7 inches
ARROW SPEED IBO-308 fps, AMO-242 fps.  Using
allowed-4 grains/lb (light) arrows your speed approx.338 fps.
HANDLE - Lightweight cushioned synthetic rubber angled
at 29 degrees. See photo in Design History.
95.65% of the
trials resulted
in a purchase
Regular bow is compared to the
Liberty I on the
Sling Shot
This really tells the
Whole STORY.
                      Video Below.
NEW 20 Day Trial
STRING -  Vapor Trail (prestretched)
CAMO - RealTree Hardwoods High Definition Green.
Two String Leeches & 7 Bow Jaxs cable silencers.
BOW PRESS -String Changer works as a bow press
and-is included in the basic package.  This allow you to
change-the string and do other repairs.  Major repairs can
be done on-a crossbow press or return to manufacturer-with

one day turn-around.
Does not compare the
Liberty bow to a Slingshot!!!
To get faster bows other bow
makers shortened the limb
travel.  To get the draw length
they had to increase the length
of the riser.  They know that
SPEED SELLS.  What they gave
up is maneuverability through
brush, lighter weight, high let-off,
and easy draw curve.
The Liberty Bow got its speed
back with its light and stiff
arrows.  The end result is that
the maneuverability (small size),
light weight, high let-off, and
easy draw curve attributes that
has made the Liberty bow so
popular and loved, now has the
greatly admired
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