DRAW WEIGHTS - 30-40#, 35-45#, 40-50#, 45-55#,
50-60#, 55-65#, 60-70#, 65-75#,70-80# (order  by peak
weight) Draw weight
is adjustable 10 lbs down from peak
weight (Ask about heavier weights)
STABILIZER MOUNT - No Stabilizer is needed but if you
must use the Mini "S" coil by Simms
PEEP SIGHT - String angle requires special Liberty peeps.
SIGHTS - We have special sights for the bow that keep it
light-and compact, but regular sights will work.  Sight lights
work. See instructions
CAM - High speed, high let-off, split 4 cable design. Will
never-go out of sync due to the non-stretch steel cables.
LET-OFF- 85%,  Stiction helps reduce holding lbs.
HOLDING WEIGHT - 9 lbs for 65 lb bow =85% let-off.
ARROW SPEED IBO-308 fps, AMO-242 fps.  Using
allowed-4 grains/lb (light) arrows your speed approx.338 fps.
HANDLE - Lightweight cushioned synthetic rubber angled
at 29 degrees. See photo in Design History.
STRING -  Vapor Trail (prestretched)
CAMO - RealTree Hardwoods High Definition Green.
Two String Leeches & 7 Bow Jaxs cable silencers
BOW PRESS -String Changer works as a bow press
and-is included in the basic package.  This allow you
to-change-the string and do other repairs.  Major repairs
can-be done on-a crossbow press or return to
one day turn-around.
RISER - A357-T6 aluminum riser
(same material used for jet
impeller blades)
BOW LENGTH - 20.5" axle
BOW WEIGHT - 2.3 pounds,
2.52-lbs fully loaded. World's
DRAW LENGTHS - 25 1/2, 26
3/8, 26 7/8, 27 3/8, 28.0", 28
7/16", 28 3/4", 29 3/8", 30", 30
1/2", 31.0", 31 1/2", 32 "
(Left hand bows are available
Add $20.00)
Draw Length
 Not adjustable.
No modules, all unique cams,
cables, and string, per draw
length. Unique cams means
short or tall people get
maximum possible
Liberty Smallest Compound Bow Shoots 4 arrows touching at 50 yards
Liberty's Worlds Lightest, Shortest, Smallest, Compound bow.
95.65% of the trials
resulted in a purchase
*338 fps
BowHunt America bronse award for Liberty Archery's  Liberty I compound bow
Must see review video of
the Liberty I
2/1/2015 12:02 am
Sometimes hear the bow is too light to shoot
accurately.  I  ask them to hold their thumb
(with nothing in hand) up to a spot in the
room. They then see how steady they are
with nothing in your hand and the issue is no
Above is a 4 arrow group (all
touching) shot at 50 yards by
Bill Light. The target rotated a
little on each shot. Bill is the
father if Matt Light of the New
England Patriots football team
where he played offensive
tackle. Matt was the first in the
family to buy the Liberty I
At the top of the page the
Sling Shot Channel reviews
the Liberty I.  This really tells
the WHOLE story.
4/11/2015 price cut