Liberty Arrows
You can't buy this
light and
stiff arrow
The Liberty I Bow is perfectly fine with LIGHT 4
grain per pound arrows.
All other bows specify (Warranty) 5 grain per pound
as a minimum.
My opinion on arrows:
The Liberty I bow has many advantages: Light, short, high-
letoff and torque less aiming.  The bow has medium speed
with conventional arrows.  That is easily cured with light
arrows.  338 fps is a fast bow.  With light stiff arrows the
Liberty I bow is perfect in all categories.

Advantages of a heavy arrow.
1) Heavy arrows make the bow more efficient by about 5%,
so shooting a heavy arrow with a 60 lb bow is identical to
shooting a light arrow at 63 lb.
2) The heavy arrow is also quieter than a light arrow.

Now for the advantages of a light arrow:
1) It is much faster and if you are off in estimating the           
yardage it does matter as much.
2) It has less arc and you can shoot through brush easier.
3) Less time to be affected by the wind.
4) It takes less time to get to the target, reduces possible
animal jump.
5) You can take longer shots with your sights pin set up.
6) Penetration is only slight less and is not a factor.
7) The speed really impresses those watching.
8) It is more fun.

So take advantage of the Liberty bows 4 grain/lb arrow
weight lower limit.

A 60 lb Liberty can shoot a 4x60=240 gr. Arrow. A regular
bow must have 5 grains per lb or else you void the
warranty. Example 5x60= 300 gr. arrow is the lightest you
can go.

First check out your own arrows for straightness,
grains/inch and spine. Note our arrows are +/-.001
straightness, 5.85 grains/inch and .310 spine.  Most people
feel they have light arrows but really do not. Easton and
some others manufacturers grade their arrows with the
ASTM F2031-05 standard which measures defection
between 28” centers. Example a 340 Easton arrow deflects .
34” (they multiply by 1000) Our arrows measure .310”
deflection for the 5.85 gr/in.

I recommend 2.0” Blazer Vanes (we stock) at slight 1
degree helix or less. We are now carrying the Arizona E-Z
Pro Fletcher, Blazer vanes, glue, points, and Liberty
broadheads (40% more cutting edge and 30 degree
penetration angle) so you can do your own arrows and be
totally self sufficient.
We Ill cut your arrows to the precise length
So take advantage of these facts and avoid state sales tax
and shipping costs (if shipped with bow).


How to calculate how much Kenitic Energy you need.
The most unbiased knowledge comes from state laws

30 lb minimum 5 states
35 lb minimum 10 states
40 lb minimum 9 states
Rest of the states no limitle

Most of these laws are 20-30 years old when the
maximum speed was 170 fps
or they apply to traditional bows with 170 fps
Try getting 170fps out of a 30-35 lb bow.
KE for a 300 gr arrow at 170 fps is 19.26 ft-lbs
KE for a 250 gr arrow at 300 fps is 49.97 ft-lbs

Now you see how much over-kill you are working
with, so back off on the weight of the arrow and get
the speed benefits.
Liberty arrows with our new 75
grain BroadHeads make a
difference in the performance of the
Liberty I bow.
MATCHED $159 per Dz
5.87+/-.05 gpi, 310+/-5 spine, straightness +/-.001
**Spine grouping: spine +/-5
**Weight grouping: gpi+/-0.05 gr
**Straightness +/-.001
NEW! LIBERTY Arrow Shafts
Remaining HCA Arrows
6.2 gpi, +/-.001 straightness Speed Pro Max Only
14 doz left-then
NO MORE --  $139/dz
Innovative blade
engagement allows
blades to pivot
around heavy bones.
Double sided cutting
edge, cuts in and on
the way out.

True field tip accuracy due to extremely low flight
Rear deploying blades for huge entrance holes and
maximum penetration.
Innovative blade engagement allows blades to pivot
around heavy bone.
Back side of blades are sharpened for
non-pass-through shots.
Practice mode allows the Ulmer Edge to be shot into
standard broadhead targets without damaging blades
or targets.
Reliable blade retention system prevents accidental
deployment in flight and in the quiver.
Heat treated stainless steel tip.
1.5" cutting diameter.
FASTER:  328+ fps
Less Wind Resistance
Less Arc
Fewer Pins
More Accurate
Longer Shots
2.5  times needed
killing power with light
arrows  2.8 times with heavy
ONLY 3 lbs difference.   A 60
lb bow with a 500 grain
arrow = 63 lb bow with 300
grain arrow.
I bet your arrows weigh Greater than 9.5
grains per inch with a weak spine of 400
Shows how to make cut-off saw.
Higher Down Range Speed  If you have ever
seen a high speed video of a arrow shot from a
bow you notice the unbelievable bending that takes
place.  The vanes are almost going flat against the
direction of travel Weak spine arrows cause vanes
to be a large drag. Weak spine also wastes bow
energy with wiggle (bending) energy.
$39 for 3
Spine test other
vendors arrows.
Surprise, surprise
Chisel Point is very
important to
NEW !!!  75 grain Broadheads
*40 % more cutting surface
than Mech.
*Only 75 grains
*30 deg. cutting angle vs 45
*$29.00 for package of 6 with
12 extra  blades