Comments about the Worlds smallest compound bow
Tiny compound bow by Liberty on top of huge buffalo
Howard-  I wished to post you an additional photo of Brad's bull
taken with your bow.  In this view it looks small than some other
photos, but it was fully 1750 pounds and tough as any buffalo
gets. It was a pleasure to guide him on this hunt and I was very
happy to be involved in taking the largest American animal killed
with your bow. You certainly deserve grand accolades for the
accomplishment of manufacturing such a fine product.  
Frank Medicine Wolf Springer
Dear Liberty Archery,

Congratulations on making one hell of a bow.
Early this fall a friend of mine drove 2 hours to
order his Liberty 1. When he got it he asked
me to set it up for him and try it out. I usually
keep up to date with current technology and
was shooting a Bow Tech just purchased in
06. He wanted me to let him know if it was up
to snuff with my Bow Tech. At first I looked at it
and thought it's cute but didn't expect much
from it. I figured you'd have to give up a lot in
order to make a bow that small and light. I
WAS MISTAKEN. The first shot out of the
Liberty 1 was all I needed to start wanting one.
There were two friends with me at the time and
none of us could believe how quick and quite
the bow was. I took turns shooting the same
arrows from my bow and then from the
Liberty1. The Liberty one was consistently
quiter and faster than mine with no more hand
shock and that was with
out a stabilizer on it.
That was all it took. After giving my buddy his
bow back I started on a mission to get a local
shop to become a dealer. After a couple of
weeks it happened and I ordered mine. I
recieved it the week before PA whitetail archery
season started so the race was on to get
comfortable enough with it to responsibly take it
into the woods. After a couple of days, 50 or so
shots, 2 busted arrow shafts and countless
vanes being destroyed by stacking shots on top
of them I felt I could comfortably hunt with it. I
was consistently smacking arrows at 20 yards,
putting them in a snuff can at 30, and in 4-5"
groups at 50.
After hunting around my job schedule I took time
off and worked around my hunting schedule. It
paid off! I passed up 4 or 5 different bucks
waiting for a shot at one of three that I had been
watching. On Nov 3rd it happened. One of the
three picked up the scent trail I left and followed
it all too well right to my stand. He stood directly
under the tree and sniffed the climbing stick
when his rack hit it made a nice "tink!!" it scared
the hell out of him and he bolted out to 15 yards
then slowed to a walk. He was moving straight
away so I couldn't get a shot. He walked to 20,
then to 25. he had no intention of stopping or
giving me a shot so at 25 yards I grunted. He
stopped at 30 yards and looked over his left
shoulder. Already at full draw, from when he
startled himself and ran, I saw a window behind
his left rib and hit the release. The arrow entered
right right where the 30 yard pin was aimed for
and exitted his right shoulder. He ran less than
80 yards and dropped. He is my widest spread
buck to date. His inside spread is 21" and he is a
10 point. He hasn't been scored yet but I'm
guessing right around 140. His dressed weight
was over 200 lbs. He is quite a trophy and I'm
glad I had the Liberty 1 to take him with.
Check out the pics I've included.
Thanks again for a GREAT bow.

Kevin Miller
Russellton, PA
Comments about the Worlds smallest compound bow continued
Buffalo hunt monster bison taken on Brad-Springer bow hunt
I was amazed at the size, speed accuracy and efficiency
of this bow. I hunt all over the world and will stand by
this bow and recommend this bow over any compound
all day long. I just hope to see some dealer's that know
the bow to start exposing it to the sport and TSince
being  back to the states TSince being  back to the
states everyone that sees this bow is truly amazed at
the size, speed accuracy and efficiency of this bow. I
hunt all over the world and will stand by this bow and
recommend this bow over any compound all day long. I
just hope to see some dealer's that know the bow to
start exposing it to the sport and allowing people the
chance to use this incredible bow.
Brad Mandarich

I shoot at least 5 times per week. I have never shot
this bow and. I was a bit skeptical, but was
convinced and sold my two there bows (Matthews
Drenaline & and Oneida Eagle). This bow is more
accurate, lighter, quieter, and smaller than any
other bow on the market. There is no hand shock or
necessary. I back up this statement by purchasing a
2nd liberty for my father with the same results. I am
in Fl in the winter. Anyone who wants to try this bow
for themselves, or just watch me shoot it is welcome
to come over to the house. I read a previous post
that "you can only use certain arrow rests on this
bow" this is not true. I started with a Whisker Biscut,
changed to a Hostage arrow rest by Diamond
archery, and now shoot a full containment drop
away rest by Quality Archery designs. All of them
work fine, as well as any other arrow rest you want
to put on the bow. Some also say "you need a
special peep sight" I use a Specialty archery 37
degree standard peep, it works fine. Some say "you
need a special sight" It has a mounting holes just
like any other bow, I have tried 3 different sights,
they all mount fine. Same thing with hunting quiver.
The think that people don't understand is that this is
just like any other bow, it's just smaller, lighter, etc.
You still have the same draw length, anchor point,
you can use sight, etc. as any other bow. You don't
have to worry about this bow "blowing up" or
"coming apart" any more often than a Hoyt or a
Matthews. If you can't shoot accurate with this bow,
you simply should give up archery. It is the most
accurate bow you will shoot hands down.
Email from Marc
I just got My new Liberty the photo it is next to
my switchback and My Allegiance which are
both short bows! This thing is tiny pulling it
back the first couple times. By the third shot I
was hitting arrows! This is the best I have ever
shot with a bow right out of the box. It is going
to take a I just got My new Liberty little getting
used to and I am sure I will shoot it better am
sure I will shoot it better when I install a sling.
There was almost no hand shock and when I
put a stabilizer on it, the extra weight made the
bow easier to hold and smoothed it right out.
This thing is way to kool!!! ---Marc
Shoot sitting down with the Liberty compound bow.
Hi there,
Liberty 1 bow here in the UK.  justice.  
Superbly engineered, kicks ass!

I am so excited by the look and feel of
the bow - what a fantastic piece of kit.  
I've let off a few arrows in the garden - so
quiet and deadly accurate.

Hutting by bow is not allowed in the UK
but it's great in the field and really draws
some admiring looks.

Well done - I'm very happy.

Please feel free to use me as a reference
here in the UK if you have cause to need
a reference point.
Martin Moore

Disabled hunters will benefit from the length of
the bow when shooting from a chair and will
have less chance of obstruction.  Also, the
length makes it possible to shoot from a
full-coverage blind or a shooting house.  For
information, contact or call
(408) 983-1127
"Fast, unbelievably quite
& most of all the most
awesome in my time!
Thanks for a bow that
feels like it was made for
me WOW!"
Clint Slatcoff,
20 Day Trial
Some time ago I talked to you and then introduced you
to my son, Matt,
(Offensive tackle for the New
England Patriots
) for whom you later manufactured
and set-up a bow. I was in Boston this weekend for a
game and Matt and I had a chance to do some hunting,
but more importantly, I had a chance to shoot the bow.
I must admit that it was far better than I expected on
accuracy and consistency. I would like to purchase a
bow and all accessories as Matt's bow, except I would
like a bow in the 55-65 pound range set up at 60
pounds draw weight. Yes, I also shoot at 32-inch draw

I used to shoot demo archery for Fred Bear back in the
60's (flying targets), but I never would have expected to
be able to shoot pure
instinctive with your bow. I was pleasantly surprised
that I could. Fred like you was a good engineer. Back
in the days when GM was deciding to use fiberglass
springs on the Corvette, my brother Bob, who was an
engineering manager for Inland Division of GM,
explained to GM that the technology required already
was complete in Fred's process at Grayling, MI. Fred
gave the technology of linear spun glass to GM at no

Again, I am extremely impressed with your engineering
skill. Please send me a bill and a delivery date. I am
getting older, so hopefully the wait won't be too long.

Thanks, William C Light
comments = Howard.
I bought my liberty from you this past winter. I
am finally getting to shoot it outdoors and to
say it shoots well is an understatement.I
literally can not shoot two arrows at the same
target without ruining arrows, even at 40
yards.  Every time I look at my bow I am blown
away by your ability to think outside the box,
and make this jewel.I sure hope you are
successful in this venture.
Carl Jensen
comments = Fast unbelievably quite & most
of all, the most awsome bow ill probably ever
shoot in my time! Thanks for a bow that fills
like it was made for me personally. All I can
say is WOW! Clint Slatcoff,
Valparasio Indiana.
I love my Liberty bow!  I shoot with a inertia drop-
away rest Vital Gear HoloPino sight (you do not
need a peep) and I found my bow likes stiff
heavy arrows.  They really quiet it down.  When
I bought the rest the archery shop owner’s son
helped set the rest up with me ( I think he just
wanted to see it shoot).
 After 20 arrows I was
hitting a quarter size dot at 20 and 30 yards
(broke 3 nocks).
 When I went back into the
shop area to pay for the rest the owner (a
Mathews Dealer) (as he held my bow) made
several comments about the short piece of junk
(my bow) and it couldn’t shoot well.  His son told
his Dad he better shut up, because he just
watched that junk
screem arrows into nickels
at 30 yards.
 Several people were checking  the
bow out before I left.  It seems every time I take
the bow out people want to see it shoot (they
think it’s a kids bow or a joke until they see how
well it shoots.)  I know a couple of people we
bought a Liberty after they looked at mine, they
love theirs too.  Thanks for making a quality
comments = AWESOME! The one and only word
that can describe this uniquehunting instrument.
At first sight I went "WHAT?" I guess some of
usold hunters have certain concepts of what a
hunting bow should look like.his caused some
apprehension on my part, however, my local
said to take it and try it. Two hours later I was
back in the store
closing the deal. Since then I have tuned and
sighted in both field pointsand broadheads.
Great speed and accuracy (some bows just won't
give youboth) In fifty years of hunting I've never
carried anything so easily through the woods and
I'm hunting in some thick Florida woods and
swamps. My confidence level in this equipment is
higher than anything else
I've ever carried. The only problem I see is your
marketing efforts. Few hunters have ever seen or
heard of this bow. Although that may not be
aproblem for me because in the off hunting
season I shoot 3-D tournaments and I know this
will give me an advantage in that arena as we!ll.
Once you start an extensive marketing effort I'll
surely lose that advantage. Please keep me
updated on any upgrades (although I can't see
and reason for any) via e-mail.

comments = I saw your Liberty 1 bow today at an
archery dealer in Albany, NY. I have to admit,
seeing it for the first time, I thought it to be a
promotional mock-up the dealer took it down and
shot it. I have to say it takes an awful lot to
impress me. I am Impressed. You might his draw
and release is what made me realize, This bow is
the next step in the evolution of bow hunting.

This summer my son came over with a magazine to
show me this big write-up on some new radical bow.
I read it and thought, hmmm, seems interesting. I
have always been one who liked to be different, and
figured with the guarantee I had nothing to lose. I
figured I'd get this new Liberty thing and shoot it,
and most likely send it back, but at least I could tell
people I tried it.

Well, I still have it, and it is amazing. Super light,
amazing let off, super quiet, and incredibly accurate.
I can tell you right now that if you gave every
beginning archer one of your bows, you would have
many lifetime archery addicts. This Liberty I bow is
absolutely wonderful. It is perfectly balanced, and
very easy to hold on target. My 40 yard groups are
easily inside of 5 inches now, and my 50 yard
groups are under 12 inches, and that is with very
little practice. I don't get much time to shoot.

I am so happy with how light this bow is and how
easy it is to shoot very consistently and accurately. I
am leaving tomorrow to go archery elk hunting for
the first time. I am so confident with the Liberty I, that
I know if I get a shot inside of 50 yards I will have an
elk this archery season. My son is right handed, and
he shot my bow the other day and couldn't believe it
shooting opposite handed! He is planning on
ordering one as soon as he can save the cash.

One other thing, I took it to the local pro shop with
me the other day and I couldn't get out of there.
Everyone wanted to look at it, draw it, watch me
shoot it. It was rediculous. Most people hadn't ever
seen it, but some had seen it in a magazine. One of
the local well known archers said I should set up a
stand and start selling them! I told him I wouldn't
need to be much of a salesman, these bows would
sell themselves if people just had one here to test

The price is well worth the performance and the
great advantage of having a super short and light
bow. (cheaper than a lot of other top bows out
there!) I'll probably be ordering another for a backup,
I don't think I'll ever want to shoot any other bow.

-- One very happy Liberty I owner --
BowHunt America bronse award for Liberty Archery's  Liberty I compound bow
Finely getting to shoot it outdoors and to
say it shoots well is an same target
without ruining arrows, even at 40 yards.
Every time I look at my bow I am blown
away by your ability to think outside the
box, and make this jewel.
Roy Guidry Jr
The attached picture your bow
from 80 yards, in a steady 10 mph
left-to-right crosswind!!! (I put my
hand into the group today from 40
yards before moving back
Obviously the set-up I have on
your bow is capable of excellent
accuracy! I’d like to say closer
distances as well, but that would
be a lie. For some reason I’m
shooting better groups from 80
yards than I do from 40 or 60! I
think it may be because the
glowing pin head just fills the
target circle on my target at 80
yards, but for whatever reason, I
LIKE IT!!! I thought you might too,
so I had to send these to you! Ken