AWESOME! The one and only word that can describe
this unique hunting instrument. At first sight I went
"WHAT?" I guess some of us old hunters have certain
concepts of what a hunting bow should look like. This
caused some apprehension on my part, however, my
local supplier said to take it and try it. Two hours later I
was back in the store closing the deal. Since then I have
tuned and sighted in both field points and broadheads.
Great speed and accuracy (some bows just won't give
you both) In fifty years of hunting I've never carried
anything so easily through the woods and I'm hunting in
some thick Florida woods and swamps. My confidence
level in this equipment is higher than anything else I've
ever carried. The only problem I see is your marketing
efforts. Few hunters have ever seen or heard of this
bow. Although that may not be a problem for me
because in the off hunting season I shoot 3-D
tournaments and I know this will give me an advantage
in that arena as well. Tom Dawson
Africas Bowhunter magizine review of Liberty Archery compound bow.
African Bowhunter Magazine
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